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Welcome to chat.nonfree.pizza, a botnet-free way to chat with friends~

This page uses converse.js, which is released under the MPL 2.0 license.

NEW: we also have a new webchat in the works, made in-house and located here~

Alternatively, you may use a proper XMPP client to connect anonymously to anon.nonfree.pizza. Keep in mind that you can only create rooms if you're using an actual nonfree.pizza account, but you may join any existing, public room on chat.nonfree.pizza~

If you have an XMPP account, of course, you may join as well~ it need not be on nonfree.pizza; any XMPP account will do~

I plan on eventually allowing people to register for accounts on nonfree.pizza, but there are plenty of XMPP servers out there already. You can even host your own~

Some quick and simple rules for chatrooms on this network:

  1. No bully: everyone should feel welcome here;
  2. No botnet: do not post things that don't respect the freedoms of your fellow chatters; and
  3. Unless the mods of the channel are okay with it, no lewd posting: not everyone wants to see it~